Grow Bags.

Innovative solutions for plant growing

Grow bags which are also known as Hydrophonic cultivation bags have become the most innovative and versatile plant growing platform around the globe. Poly grow bags are specially treated to promote the growth of the plant. Grow bags are produced with tailor-made UV specifications to withstand exposure periods in greenhouse conditions. Our excellent and high-quality grow bags will enable your plans to have adequate aeration and drainage for a strong root system.


Why should you choose us?

Grow bags are proved to be one of the most sought after plant growing strategies because of the many benefits it brings. Find out why grow bags have become so popular over time.

Why do We Need to Use.

Reasons you should switch to grow bags
  • As grow bags are made of polypropylene, they regulate the temperature of the plant.

  • Poly Creations grow bags are easy to use than the traditional plant growing pots.

  • Grow bags enhance soil drainage by allowing excess water to flow out.