Think sustainable

As one of Sri Lanka’s esteemed institutions that have the ability and capacity to produce Bio-degradable poly packaging solutions, we bring you 100% biodegradable poly bags that are designed with materials that allow the bags to completely decompose, leaving no trace at all. If you are looking for a sustainable way to engage in packing materials other than the traditional plastic polythene packaging, you must consider switching to our compostable packaging!


Aiming for a sustainable future

Do not fear the harmful effects packaging can have on the environment with our biodegradable packaging. Embrace sustainability with 100% compostable packaging.

Why do We Need to Use.

An eco-friendly alternative for polythene packaging
  • Biodegradable poly bags are produced from 100% corn starch-based polymers and do not contain any polyethylene or non-biodegradable substances.

  • These are designed to emit less carbon and completely decompose into the soil.

  • Biodegradable poly bags are fully recyclable and can be used multiple times.

  • As they are made of natural raw materials, they are non-toxic to the environment as well as users.