Protect your valuable electronics

Store electronic devices in anti-static poly bags to prevent damage from electrostatic. These bags offer protection against discharges on electronic components. They release positive and negative ions that neutralize the electrostatic field, providing the perfect protection for your devices.


Why should you choose us

Manufactured using Plastic Polyethylene Terephthalate (PTE), anti-static poly bags are designed to create a static-safe environment for your electronic devices during storage and transportation. Find out why our clients chose us.

Why do We Need to Use.

What made them popular
  • The Faraday Cage layer in the anti-static poly bags prevents the growth of static electricity.

  • Static-sensitive electronic devices can be easily and safely stored in anti-static poly bags for a loner period.

  • They are perfect for intercompany transfers of the electronic components prone to damage caused by electrostatic discharge.