Excellent protection for metals

Anti-rust poly bags are made from treated material that omits non-toxic, odorless and harmless vapors to prevent rusting while products are shipped and stored. They offer excellent corrosion protection for metals and are available in different sizes and colors.


why you should choose us

Poly Creations anti-rust poly bags are the ideal solutions for corrosion of the metals during storage and shipment. They are highly sought after got various advantages they bring. Explore why our clients chose us.

Why do We Need to Use.

Why you can count on us
  • They can be used to store various items including engines, bearing, steel wires, machined parts and many more.

  • The contents are protected from humidity and salt, moisture, acid and chemical in the atmosphere.

  • Metal parts that can corrode over time can be stored and shipped safely and easily with our anti-rust poly bags.