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Apparel Sector

Plastic poly bags are an essential material used in the readymade apparel sector as a form of packaging to keep the garments free from dust, dirt and moisture.


Carrier Bags

Carrier polybags are a wide variety of clear and colored packaging to carry products. It could be a vest, patch or a premium handle style in any poly material.

Grow Bags

Poly grow bags are specially treated for promoting the growth of plants. These bags are UV treated and can withstand exposure periods in greenhouse conditions.


Mailing Bags

We offer protective and strong poly mailing bags that are designed to keep your mailing content safe against moisture, chemicals, tampering, puncturing and tearing.


Roll Form

Roll form poly bags can be used as a form of packaging or carrying goods in any industry. Orders are custom made depending on size and color requirements.

Wicket Bags

Wicket poly bags are designed with an aim to assist in handling and packing products. These bags are mounted on a blower which opens the bag for easy sliding in of products.


Garbage Bags

We manufacture poly garbage bags in all sizes which you can use to dump your trash. These bags are helpful in lining bins to provide for sanitary handling of trash.


Zipper Lock

Re-closeable zipper bags in custom made sizes are useful for packing and storing, popularly used for food items, and can be opened and sealed with a zipper.

Anti Rust

Anti-rust poly bags are made from treated material that omits non-toxic, odorless and harmless vapors to prevent rusting while products are shipped and stored.


Anti Static

Store electronic devices in anti-static poly bags to prevent damage from electrostatic. These bags offer protection against discharges on electronic components.


Bio Degradable

Biodegradable poly bags are environmentally friendly and are designed with materials that allow the bags to completely decompose, leaving no trace at all.